Gobi X Manufacturing Helping at Blaauwberg Conservation Area

The guys from Gobi X were asked by our friends at Blaauwberg conservation area to help them at the reserve recently.

We were tasked with looking for the reserves Hartebeest, The Friends of Blaauwberg Conservation Area were worried that one of these animals may have gone missing either at the hands of poachers or jumped ship.

We had previously helped out at Blaauwberg Hill getting the Hartebeest safely into the reserve from the neighbouring farm land. During this exercise we used drones and our vehicles to herd the Hartebeest into the reserve. On this trip we were to drive the management tracks looking for signs of these beautiful animals and report what we had seen.







We parked at different sections of the reserve and survey each area with a drone flying over the different areas looking for signs of the Hartebeest and if possible evidence of poachers. From our previous experience we knew the Hartebeest easily frightened by people and vehicles and sometimes the only way to see them is from the air. However even the noise of the drone sometimes has them running.







Unfortunately, on this trip we were not able to find these allusive Hartebeest. However, on a positive we also saw no signs of poachers. We were able to spend a few hours on the reserve with some of the best views in Cape Town. Its great to be able to help the friends of Blaauwberg Hill and even better that we get to be out there in nature use our vehicles and equipment in the name of Nature Conservation.